We are delighted to offer our services as expert witnesses on matters of U.S. immigration law in legal proceedings in England and Wales. As dual qualified New York attorneys and Solicitors admitted to the Roll of England and Wales, we are well-placed to meet the requirements of Rule 25 of the Family Procedure Rules/CPR Part 35 and discharge our duties to the Court.

We are available to give evidence orally or in writing on matters pertaining to U.S. immigration law.

We provide expert evidence in a variety of cases, including family proceedings and have been instructed by Local Authorities and private clients. We act as both a Single Joint Expert and as an expert witness.

Matters on which we are regularly asked to provide advice include, inter alia:

– Relocation to the U.S. of a minor/child
o Procedural matters relating to the process
o Timeframes
o Requirements
o Chances of success

– The impact of a criminal record on U.S. entry
o Mitigation and sentencing
o Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude
o Waivers of Inadmissibility

If you wish to instruct a licensed U.S immigration attorney to provide oral or written expert evidence in your case (whether in a prescribed format or by way of an Advice), please call +44 (0) 207856 0395 or email info@davieslegal.com in order to discuss your requirements with a licensed U.S immigration attorney.