If you’re planning to travel to the US, check whether you are eligible to enter without a visa (under the Visa Waiver Program or if you are a citizen of Canada or Bermuda). If you require a non-immigrant visa, generally, the first step of the visa application process is filling out the DS-160 form online.

The DS-160 form is required for all non-immigrant visas, including fiancé(e) visas (K-1) and temporary worker visas (E-1, E-2, L-1 and H-1B). One page of the online form asks for your passport information. This requires you to retrieve your passport or travel document, and detail (a) the type of travel of document, (b) the document number, (c) the book number, (d) the country or authority that issued the passport or travel document, (e) details of the location where the passport or travel document was issued; and (f) the issuance and expiration dates of the passport or travel document. It should be a valid and unexpired passport or travel document, sufficient to establish your identity and nationality.

The Passport Book Number may appear in a passport in addition to the Passport Number. It is more commonly known as the ‘inventory control number’ or ‘booklet number,’ and its location varies depending on the country of issuance. The U.S. Embassy & Consulates in the United Kingdom notably state that ‘for many South American countries, including Argentina and Venezuela, we use the booklet number of the passport book, and not the passport number when issuing a visa.’  Some countries may have a Passport Book Number in some versions of their passports, whilst some may not. If your passport does not have a Passport Book Number, you can click on ‘Does Not Apply’ option of the form. Here is a list of some countries and guidance on where to look in your passport.

Country Is there a Passport Book Number?
Austria No.
Belgium No.
Bulgaria No.
Croatia No.
Cyprus No.
Czechia No.
Denmark No.
Estonia No.
Finland Yes, in some versions. For example, see here.
France Yes, in some versions. For example, see here.
Germany Yes, in some versions. For example, see here.
Greece No.
Hungary No.
Ireland Yes, in some versions. For example, see here.
Italy No.
Latvia No.
Lithuania No.
Luxembourg No.
Malta No.
Netherlands No.
Poland No.
Portugal No.
Romania No.
Slovakia No.
Slovenia No.
Spain Yes, in some versions. For example, see here.
Sweden Yes
United Kingdom No.


It is imperative for you to ensure that all the information is filled out accurately as changes cannot be made once you submit the form. Inaccurate information may lead to your application being denied. If you notice mistakes after you submit the form, you would be required to complete a new DS-160 and to reschedule the visa interview appointment. Incomplete DS-160 forms or mistakes on the DS-160 will cost you time and may prevent you from travelling to the US.

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Published: 7th November 2019