The answer to the above question depends on two factors:

  • The US legal position on dual nationality and
  • Whether your home country permits dual nationality

The US Legal Position on Dual Nationality

Although not enshrined in statute, U.S case law confirms that the U.S accepts dual nationality and, indeed, this is expressly recognized by the U.S Department of State on their website. As such, the U.S do not require immigrants seeking naturalization to renounce their foreign citizenship and do not prohibit U.S citizens from acquiring additional nationalities, at a later date.

Notwithstanding the above, U.S citizens with dual nationality remain bound by U.S laws and by the U.S Constitution. INA Section 215(b) requires U.S citizens to carry their U.S passport when departing the US and present their U.S passport, upon re-entry.


Does Your Home Country Permit Dual Nationality?

When contemplating an application for U.S citizenship, it is imperative to ascertain beforehand if your country of origin permits dual nationality. If your country of origin does not permit dual nationality and you subsequently acquire U.S citizenship, the acquisition of U.S citizenship may result in the loss of the citizenship of your country of origin.

If you are contemplating an application for U.S citizenship, we would advise that you contact us in order to seek advice on your position from a licensed U.S immigration attorney.


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Published: 6th September 2018