What is a non-immigrant visa (“NIV”)?

A NIV may be issued to a person with a permanent residence outside the US but who wishes to enter the US on a temporary basis. The meaning of “temporary” can vary greatly based on host of factors including: visa category, country of origin, visa type, length of project, admissibility issues.

NIV may be issued for as little as days but as much as years and the duration for which it is issued does not always accord with the duration for which you may enter.

For example, a B-1/B-2 visa may be granted for 10 years, but you may be permitted to enter for a maximum of 6 months on one visit.

Examples of when you may apply for a NIV to enter the US include:

– For tourism
– For medical treatment
– To conduct certain business activities.

B-1 in lieu of H-1B
– To perform temporary activities on behalf of a foreign (non-US) employer.

– To perform the role of manager, executive or specialist in certain companies;
– To set up and operate a business from the US.

– To study

– To be employed in a specialty occupation, including professionals.

– To be transferred to a US office in the role of executive, manager or specialist.

– To perform a gig
– To take an acting role

– For religious purposes