Dafydd Davies, MBA

Business Director

Dafydd is experienced in international business and finance. Throughout his career, Dafydd has worked in senior level roles and has a breadth of experience including: working within large organizations, medium sized businesses, and with businesses operating in the USA, Europe, Russia and China helping to shape their strategic vision and developing long term corporate plans.

As a Business Consultant, Dafydd enjoys working with clients, understanding their business and the vision they have for international business expansion. Dafydd is experienced in marrying his clients’ vision with the regulations of the consular office and USCIS to produce successful immigration business plans.
Dafydd has advised clients across the spectrum of industries including, but not limited to: marketing, Airline manufacturing, construction, management consulting and hospitality & tourism.


Education and qualifications 
Association of Accounting Technicians
BsC Econ Business, University of Wales
BA (Hons) Taxation, Manchester Metropolitan University
MBA (Master of Business Administration) University of Wales